3 Steps to Loving Yourself Perfectly

April 17th, 2007

In a previous article, “Unlock Your Magical Self with the Power of the Witches Square,” I introduced the four pillars of the Witches Square. These are Perfect Love, Perfect Trust, Discipline and Will. The first pillar of the Witches Square is Perfect Love and without it, the other three pillars are out of reach.

Perfect Love is the creative force in the universe, where all things begin. To gain Perfect Love, you do three steps.

  1. Love thyself perfectly.
  2. Love thy neighbor as thyself.
  3. Love the world and all that’s in it.

Love Thyself Perfectly

There are many methods for learning to love yourself. In fact, a whole section of most bookstores is about various approaches to this. Here are a few powerful, yet simple methods that have worked for me.

  1. Look at yourself in a mirror, preferably a full-length mirror. It is best if you can do this naked, such as before or after a shower. Notice how your body looks, including your curves, folds and wrinkles. Part of loving yourself is not only being comfortable in your skin, but loving it as it is. Maybe you can be in better shape, or should lose some weight, but that does not make it so you cannot love your body as it is now. When you love your body as it is, you release much of the tension that keeps you from improving it, if that is needed.
  2. When you go to bed, think about the day you just finished. What did you do that day? How do you feel about what you did? Keep in mind that you are human, and it is human to make mistakes. As you contemplate your day, love yourself for what you accomplished and did well. When you think about something you did that was a mistake, realize it was a mistake. Think about what you will do in the future when that situation comes again (which it will, due to the cyclic nature of the universe). And then let it go into the past. Don’t allow it to turn in to guilt that you keep in your heart as you sleep.
  3. Perform once or twice daily an adoration to the Gods. This is best to be done in the morning when you get up and in the evening when you go to bed. It can be done silently or out loud. Daily adoration strengthens your spiritual connection and will help you love yourself as you feel how perfectly the Gods love you just as you are. There are many good adorations, and it doesn’t matter which one you use. Just use one that speaks to you. The adoration I use is called Dialexis to Latreia (Adoration to the Lady/Lord of the Universe).

Performing these devotions daily will lead you to loving yourself. After a while, you will love your body, your mind and personality and your spiritual connection to the Gods. When you have achieved this to a level that feels comfortable to you, you can proceed to the next step in Perfect Love, love thy neighbor as yourself.

There is no objective way to know when you are ready to move on. You need to decide this for yourself. Also know that you will need to keep doing these devotions, or variations of them, after you move on to the next steps. Loving yourself is the foundation of the whole of the Witches Square and it needs to be built upon continuously.

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2 Responses to “3 Steps to Loving Yourself Perfectly”

  1. maylean Says:

    hello I am a brand new witch well I know I have always had a special gift. since I was about six I never really practiced except I have healed but being I don’t practice the way I should I end up sick. I want to fully bring my gift out I don’t like pretending I am something else can u help me be who I truly am?

    blessed be may

  2. Morninghawk Says:

    It’s great that you have such a gift for healing. There is a risk of contracting an illness while healing someone, but there are ways you can protect yourself. These include shielding and grounding yourself.

    Have you looked into learning the healing art of Reiki? This is a wonderfully spiritual method of healing people. Part of the training involves learning to prevent yourself from becoming sick.

    You can also ask the healing Gods for guidance. There are many, including Lord Asclepios, Lady Hygieia and others.

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