6 Steps to Compassion: Loving Others Perfectly

September 8th, 2007

The LoversThis article is the third in a series on the Witches Square. The first article in the series introduces the four pillars of the Witches Square. They are Perfect Love, Perfect Trust, Discipline and Will. The first pillar of the Witches Square is Perfect Love and without it, the other three pillars are out of reach. Perfect Love is the creative force in the universe, where all things begin. To gain Perfect Love, you do three steps.

  1. Love thyself perfectly.
  2. Love thy neighbor as thyself.
  3. Love the world and all that’s in it.

Love thy neighbor as thyself

The second step to Perfect Love is to love others perfectly. The most famous line about this was from the prophet and magician, Jesus of Nazareth, but all religions promote it. There are many ways to achieve this, but as a Witch, here is what helps for me.


  1. Care for a pet.

Get a pet (if you don’t already have one) and love it perfectly. Learn to forgive it when it poops in your bed or shreds your couch. Consciously give love and positive energy to it every day. Don’t just shoo it away when it wants attention and you’re not in the mood to give it. You don’t need to give all of yourself to it, but give it at least a little when it asks. This will help you learn to live with someone else in mind other than yourself, which is a key step to learning compassion.

  1. Care for a wild animal.

If you don’t wish to have a pet or cannot have one, you can help a wild animal instead. For example, put up a bird feeder and consciously keep it stocked and clean. A bird house also works well for this. You can also put food out for the local animals, like deer, squirrels, etc. If you do this, however, remember that it may affect the local population of that animal, so don’t feel the need to give it all of its daily needs.

  1. Connect spiritually with the animal.

While you are helping or caring for an animal, work with it spiritually. Meditate with it. If it is a pet, it can help to meditate with it in the room with you, but this is not necessary. Talk with the animal during the meditation. Ask about its nature. It will show you a lot about it which can help you learn about it and yourself. This will create a deeper bond with the animal which will help you to learn compassion for it.


After you feel a strong sense of compassion for an animal, move on to loving other people. This can be more difficult than loving an animal, but the rewards are much greater. To perfectly love others, you must perfectly love other humans. Unfortunately, this is the step where many Witches and other Pagans quit their journey to loving others. They feel a stronger connection to other animals than they do to their fellow humans and don’t wish to grow in that area. At times, I have seen people who seem to wish they were not born human, but as another animal instead.

The key is to learn compassion. Compassion is made up of a combination of love, respect and honesty. To have compassion, you must feel a sense of love for someone. You must respect them as a person. You must be honest with them.

  1. Love

Love is from the heart chakra, which is commonly very weak in western culture. Here are a few ways to develop heart strength, but there are many more. Focus your attention on your heart. Carry a stone such as rose quartz with you. Meditate on the Lovers card from a good Tarot deck. Place your hands on your heart and focus on the energy transfer between your hands and your heart. If you work with the QBLH, work with Tiphareth and study how Beauty and Love are interconnected. Volunteer with a charity in a position that directly helps people, such as serving soup at a soup kitchen or helping at a homeless shelter.

  1. Respect

Respect other people as fellow humans and children of the Gods. This does not mean that you must agree with them all the time (or any of the time), but you must see that they are expressions of the Divine, just as you are. Having respect for others also helps to prevent the risk of feeling pity for someone because you are focusing on loving them. If you volunteer with a charity, one major danger is that you may pity the people you are helping. Pity is not compassion, because pity has a secret agenda of keeping the recipient as an eternal victim. Pity places the helper above the recipient of the help. You need to know that you are not above them, but simply are in a different place in life. When you respect the recipient of the help, you will not pity them. Instead you will see that they are simply another person who is in a difficult position right now, just as you may have been in your past or you might be in your future.

  1. Honesty

Love and respect lead to honesty. When you love someone and respect them, you can be more honest with them. Honesty does not mean that you should always tell them what’s on your mind right now or something that is truthful but hurtful. Use love and respect to know you when or if someone needs to be told something. But if you are not honest with someone, then you cannot love them perfectly. You don’t have compassion for them. Maybe you feel that they cannot handle the truth, which is pity. Or you worry that they will not feel the same about you if you tell them, which is not respecting their personhood. It is part of their Free Will to feel however they wish about you. Being honest is also a way to express love for someone because you do not wish to deceive them.

You will have compassion when you feel love, respect and honesty for all people. You will be loving them perfectly in accordance with the first pillar of the Witches Square. The challenge is that this compassion must also be for people whom you revile. It must be for people who may wish you harm. This is where it becomes very difficult.

Crossing this threshold of feeling compassion for all people, including those who wish you harm opens your heart to a whole new world. It opens yourself to being ready to love the world and all that’s in it, which is the last step to achieving Perfect Love.

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    A very good post. We all need to do better.

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  4. Laura Says:

    I have a question regarding Perfect Love that troubles me. How can one dislike someone, but still love him or her perfectly? There are some people I can’t seem to have any respect for. Those who harm others for their own benefits, for example. How can I learn to love these people, let alone love them perfectly?


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