Love the World and All That’s in It

September 15th, 2007

This article is the fourth in a series on the Witches Square. The first article in the series introduces the four pillars of the Witches Square. They are Perfect Love, Perfect Trust, Discipline and Will. Your true potential as a Witch will be achieved when you live your life in harmony with these four principles in equal proportion. Follow these steps to gain mastery of Perfect Love, the first pillar.

  1. Love thyself perfectly.
  2. Love thy neighbor as thyself.
  3. Love the world and all that’s in it.

Love the World and All That’s in It

To love perfectly is to love all. Everything in the universe contains the creative spark of the Divine. Everything comes from the Good, as Plato wrote.

Plato also wrote about Love. He said in Symposium, “Love is desire for the perpetual possession of the good.” According to Plato, the Good is that which is the source of all things. It is the highest form of light and beauty, of which the sun is only but a shadow. The Good transcends the Gods, as They are part of and come from it. We can seek it by seeking harmony between us and all things. Plato describes the Good in the “Allegory of the Cave” in Book VII of Republic, among other writings. To contrast, “Evil” is not the opposite force against the Good because all things come from the Good. Instead, it is that which is farther away from the Good and contains less of its light.

If we are going to grow in understanding (and possessing) the Good, we must know and understand that everything comes from it and therefore contains a part of it. There are things that we find horrifying. Sometimes they are brought about by us, other people or the Gods. A volcano erupts and kills many people in a village. A person kills someone brutally.

This does not mean that the volcano or the person are evil. They are both from the Good and a part of it, just as we are. Instead, their actions are disharmonious. In the case of the volcano, it is the nature of the volcano to erupt. This does not make it an evil we must fight and conquer, but instead we need to learn to live in harmony with the volcano.

The murderer, on the other hand, is a human. It is evil for a human to kill another because it is not an action that brings harmony. This does not imply eternal punishment and the other connotations many people think of with “evil.” Instead, it is an action that contains a very tiny amount of the Good and brings disharmony. This is why it is a dark action and considered evil. Notice it is the action, not the person, that is evil. All people seek the Good because that is our nature. It is because we live in the physical realm of shadow that we make mistakes and perform evil actions.

The key to loving the world and all that’s in it is to see the Good in everything in the amount that is present. It is very dim in many things, but it is present in all things. This brings us to the idea of justice. Plato wrote that justice is a harmonious relationship between parts. When something brings about or acts in harmony with others it contains justice and, therefore, the Good. Conversely, when something acts or brings about disharmony, it contains less of the Good. It is important to see the proper amount of justice in all things so that you can grow in justice with ourselves and them.

Seeing the Good in all shows how we are connected to them. It is this connection we have with everything that requires that us to act in a harmonious way so that we can grow toward the light of the Good. When we understand that connection between ourselves and everything (especially the things we revile), we can better understand ourselves. This does not mean we need to condone, approve of or like that which we revile. Instead, it means that we need to see that we are connected with it and need to learn to act and think harmoniously with it.

This will show how we all contain a large amount of darkness within us. No human has very much of the light of the Good within them because we all are incarnated in the physical, changing plane of shadow and illusion that is the lowest of all planes (or Sephira if you study QBLH). To understand how we are connected to everything and learn to love everything in spite of the darkness it contains, we learn to understand our own dark nature. This leads to a greater love for ourselves, leading us back to loving thyself perfectly and forward to Perfect Trust.

Loving the world is the most difficult part of Perfect Love to master. It takes many lifetimes. The important thing is not to think of Perfect Love as a goal or achievement but instead as a process and a journey. All three of the steps to Perfect Love work in concert. As we learn to love ourselves, we will learn to love others. While we learn to love others more, we learn to love the world. As we learn to love the world, we see that we are a part of it and we learn to love ourselves more.

This spiral is the path of Perfect Love. One of the offshoots of this spiral (for the spiral of Perfect Love continues indefinitely) is Perfect trust.

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  1. Hawk Says:

    Very interesing site – more curious for me. However, I have added you to my reader so I can keep up with what’s going on!

    I have witnessed various black magic rituals in my travels; Louisianna, Haiti, Domincan Republic, a few countries in Africa, and other place not important.

    Curious, interesting, and more curious. I will be back! A nice looking site too by the way – good job!

    Ato de…

  2. Morninghawk Says:

    You must be well-traveled. I have only been to China and Mongolia, where I have witnessed Buddhist monks chanting in a ger. It is amazing the power that is generated by them.

    Hopefully someday I can see more of the world and see what you have witnessed.

    Thanks for the kind compliment.

  3. Hawk Says:

    morninghawk, your site is kewl. If you have a chance, soar on over to the nest and check out a different altitude. Always welcome some insight into things – I too, am a bit different and march to beat of a different spirit.

    Look forward to further engagements.

    Btw, I have you on my iGoogle Reader so I don’t miss anything!



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