Developing Discipline

October 31st, 2007

StrengthThis article is the eighth in a series on the Witches Square. The first article in the series introduces four pillars of the Witches Square, Perfect Love, Perfect Trust, Discipline and Will. Your true potential as a Witch will be achieved when you live your life in harmony with these four principles in equal proportion. Previously, we finished the first and second pillars, Perfect Love and Perfect Trust and are ready to embark on the third pillar, Discipline.

What is Discipline?

Discipline is where the magical rubber meets the road. When you live with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, you have opened yourself to aid from the Gods and other people, but you have not actually done anything tangible yet.

In Kabbalah, it is said that action and effects originate in the higher sephiroth (planes). They work their way down the Tree of Life to manifest on the physical plane of Malkuth. The path of Tau is the path of discipline because it translates your dreams (from Yesod) to “reality” (Malkuth).

When magic is done with the appropriate amount of discipline, its effects become manifest on the physical plane. For example, if a money spell is done without discipline, it will probably not work. The money will only manifest on the higher planes, but not on the physical plane. Unfortunately, mortgage and rent payments are not payable with money on higher planes. Only money that physically exists (either in paper or electronic form) is accepted. It is discipline that makes the money manifest in such a way.

Discipline also places boundaries and restrictions on action. It is in the Wiccan Rede in the phrase, “An it harm none,” because of the limitation it places to focus the Will. Many think that restriction and limitation are to be overcome and avoided. This is true if the restriction is excessive or if it blocks your Will. If there is no limitations placed by discipline, though, magical energy (and all other energy) will scatter and diffuse.

Another way to think of it is by imagining electricity. If you have electricity running through the air without restriction (as it does with lightning), it is very unpredictable and cannot be effectively used. It can cause immense harm because of its lack of focus (hence its reference in the Rede). If that same amount of electricity is restricted and disciplined by way of metal cables, it is focused and can light cities and run the computer you are using to read this article.

Discipline is used during the Labor of Preparation phase of a spell. It is the labor one does prior to the ritual itself. This includes the process of deciding which deities to invite, which incenses, stones or crystals to use, etc. It is the process of focusing the intent of the ritual so that it is well directed and focused, yet still allowing the Universe, Gods, spirits, etc. to give Their assistance in the manner They see fit. If this Labor of Preparation is not done prior to a magical working, the effect might not manifest at all, or it may manifest in a harmful way that was not intended.

Developing Discipline

Here are some ideas on how to increase your level of discipline:

  1. Perform a daily devotional. This can be done either in the morning or in the evening (or both, if you wish). It does not need to be complicated, but does need to be something you do each day. An example of a daily devotional can be performing Dialexis to Latreia followed by Dialexis a Stauros. Dialexis to Latreia gives honor and devotion to the Gods and Dialexis a Stauros is a grounding and centering ritual that unites you with the energies of the Universe.
  2. Perform a ritual for each full moon and sabbat. It can be a private solitary ritual. Make sure you prepare for the ritual at least 1 week in advance to ensure enough effort was put into the Labor of Preparation.
  3. Give thanks in prayer to your Gods or spirits for all of the good things that happened that day. Do this daily (ideally as part of your daily devotional).
  4. Write a magical journal. This does not need to be daily, but should be written in each time something magical happens in your life, or whenever you gain new spiritual insights. Writing such things down ensures you won’t forget them and helps you learn and incorporate the events and insights into your life and your being.
  5. Live a magical life. See magic in all things, not just during a ritual. Give thanks to your Gods and spirits during the day when They bless you with something. You can do this silently if necessary.

Don’t expect to be perfect when learning discipline, as with all other pillars of the Witches Square. You will forget at times to do your devotionals. When this happens, forgive yourself and do them. As time goes on, it will become an automatic part of your life that does not need thinking about. The important thing is to not feel guilty about it. Guilt is a worthless emotion that is an enemy of discipline. It causes people to give up. Forgiveness is the antidote to guilt.

As your discipline grows, you will see its effects in your mundane life. Your tasks at work and home will go more easily and be completed faster. You will feel more in control of your life, rather than feeling your life is controlled by outside forces. Combined with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, developing Discipline will empower you and your magic in ways you have not known possible.

Anything is possible. At that point, it is just a matter of knowing what you want to do. The next article in this series will address this, as Will is the fourth pillar of the Witches Square.

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