Trust Yourself

October 7th, 2007

High Priestess This article is the fifth in a series on the Witches Square. The first article in the series introduces the great powers of the Witches Square. The pillars are Perfect Love, Perfect Trust, Discipline and Will. Your true potential as a Witch will be achieved when you live your life in harmony with these four principles in equal proportion. Previously, we finished the first pillar, Perfect Love, and are ready to embark on the second, Perfect Trust. There are three steps to mastering Perfect Trust.

  1. Trust yourself
  2. Trust those around you
  3. Trust the Gods

Trust and Naivete

When we are young children, we automatically have Perfect Trust. Unfortunately, it is not trust based on wisdom nor is it rooted in Perfect Love, Discipline or Will. It is the child’s trust that everything their parents (or anyone else) tells them is automatically true. It is also the trust that somehow, they will always be protected from anything negative from happening.

As we grew up, we learned that our parents are not always right. We learned that they don’t (and can’t) protect us from everything. We learned that there are people out there who wish us harm and deceit. This awakening eventually led us to create a shell around ourselves and to not trust anyone.

This shell is not all bad for us. It is important to have some protection, some skepticism, so that we are not naïve. Wisdom comes from being able to question what you read, hear or learn to know if it is true. The problem is when we don’t trust anyone or anything. Another problem is if we don’t know who to trust, so we blindly trust everyone who is a purported “expert.” The worst part of this is that we no longer trust ourselves, which is most important. You are the only person who knows what is best for you.

Trust Yourself

To trust yourself is to develop an inner sense and comfort with your intuition. It is not an exercise of the mind, but of the heart. In our mentally-obsessed society, this makes it very difficult to gain. The best way I’ve found to develop perfect trust in yourself is through a combination of ritual and intuitive living.

Ritual opens your heart and helps to connect it with your mind. This connection is essential because your heart knows things on an intuitive level and your mind must have access to this inner knowledge in order to trust it. Intuitive living involves consciously listening to your inner intuition, even when you are not sure it is correct. Sometimes it does offer great insight and is correct, but know that sometimes it is wrong. If you don’t consult with it regularly and consciously, though, you will never be able to gain from its insights.

Ritual Exercise

Here is a simple ritual exercise that you can do to help gain trust in yourself and to connect better with your intuition. It will also help connect your mind with your heart.

  1. Set aside as much time as is needed where you will be undisturbed. A half hour is probably good to start.
  2. Ground and center. There are many rituals for doing this. The ritual I like to use is Dialexis a Stauros, which combines the energies of the cosmos in the heart.
  3. Banish all negative energy from the space using the method of your choice.
  4. Cast a circle of protection.
  5. Call the deity or deities of your choice, inviting them to join you in circle and ask them to help you in gaining trust in yourself. One suggestion in the Greek pantheon would be Lady Persephone and Lord Hermes. In Roman, they would be Proserpina and Mercury. You can feel free to use the Gods that correspond with these from your own pantheon.
  6. Meditate on the High Priestess tarot card. You can use whichever tarot deck you wish. I prefer the Robin Wood tarot deck because of its excellent illustration and interpretation that is consistent with western esoteric studies. Study the picture in all its detail. Open your heart to the messages in the card. Listen to any words or sounds you hear. You may also see images appear that are not explicitly on the card, or feel sensations. Remember these.
  7. When you are finished meditating on the card, imagine a great fire in your heart. Feel the heat of the fire rise up from your heart, through your neck and into your head. See the brilliance of its light as it makes a thick line between your mind and your heart. You will feel a strong resonance between the two ends.
  8. When you are finished, thank the Gods for Their presence and teaching and take down the circle using the method of your choice.
  9. VERY IMPORTANT! Write down your findings in a magical journal as soon as possible after the conclusion of the ritual. You may even want to have a pen and notebook in circle with you so you can write it before you take the circle down. Important things will be forgotten if your findings are not written.

I recommend doing this ritual regularly to build up the connection between your mind and heart and to develop a strong trust with yourself. Adding this to your daily devotion would be ideal, but if this is not possible, doing it regularly will help.

As your self-trust develops, you will become more and more confident in yourself and your abilities. You will know in your heart and mind what is right and true and be able to discern it from what is false. You will trust yourself to do what’s right for you in whatever circumstances you’re in.

Achieving Perfect Trust with yourself is extremely empowering and is a significant step to becoming fully empowered with the Witches Square.

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3 Responses to “Trust Yourself”

  1. Brother Aviaf Says:

    “Perfect Love and Perfect Trust” what a great series! I’m going to spend the rest of the night reading the rest of the ‘Witch’s Square’ articles. I thought you might be interested to know that the Pagan Talking Dictionary is a great resource for actually learning to pronounce those unusual words peculiar to our craft.

    Brightest Blessings!
    -Brother Aviaf

  2. melissa white Says:

    i am in dire need of guidence. i am a wiccan women and i can’t find anyone in my area that seems to have the same faith. would it be possable for you to suggest any way of finding a conveant? thank you.

  3. Morninghawk Says:

    Searching the internet is a good way to start, but most groups do not advertise or list themselves online. After finding something on the internet (even if it’s not really what you’re looking for), contact them and get to know them a little. Then you can ask if they know of any other groups that may be what you’re looking for.

    You can also join a distance-based group, either online or snail-mail based. They don’t have the same intimacy as physical groups, but they do help especially if you’re not located near what you want.

    A third option is to form your own group. This can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have experience with other groups, but with the Gods’ help, it can be done. If you wish to follow this path, I recommend reading Coven Craft by Amber K (available from Amazon and most local metaphysical bookstores).

    May the Gods’ help shine a light on your search.

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