Wheel Begins Anew

December 22nd, 2007

The newborn sun has arrived!

Now is the time to stop introspecting and start putting energy and action toward your goals. In my previous article on the Dark Night of the Year, I mentioned using that time for looking within yourself and evaluating what you’ve done during the previous year. I also talked about developing your resolutions for the next year. Now is the time to make those resolutions final and start acting on them.

The ritual we normally do in our temple at Yule revolves around welcoming the new sun and officially stating our resolutions, charging them with the magical energy to get them started. In terms of the Wheel of the Year, this is when we plant the seeds of our annual intentions. At Imbolc, the seed germinates with the spark of the fire goddess. Ostara arrives and your resolutions will take a lot of your energy as they push through the earth and into the sunlight. The beauty of progress will start to show at Beltane, as they consume more of your passion and drive.

The Wheel begins to turn back at Litha, when your resolutions should consume the most energy. They will be taking all the energy you can give them (magically, physically, mentally and emotionally). This is the time when it is easy to slack off and even forget them. It is also most critical to not let up at Litha or they will not mature and you won’t reap the benefits.

At Lughnasadh, the effects of your hard work will start to show. You will begin to see the edges of their manifestation. You will also see a lot of weeds growing, seeds you either planted and no longer wish to grow or seeds of undesirable side effects from your main resolutions. It is time to pull them out and stop giving them energy. It is time to focus your energy on the plants you wish to mature fully.

Mabon brings more shape and form to the effects of your hard work. You will see much more concrete manifestations now. Finally, at Samhain, your resolutions will have completed their cycle. The seeds you planted at Yule will have extinguished. You can then look back on how your resolutions developed and manifested. Maybe they worked out as planned, and maybe they didn’t. You take stock, learn from what went well and what didn’t. Then come up with new resolutions for the next year, to plant again at Yule.

Annual resolutions are not linear, one-time projects. They are things you work on in a spiral fashion. What you thought would take one year might take two or three. Or longer. Each turn of the wheel, though, you learn more and make adjustments in the seeds you plant.

I liken it to how hybrid plants are naturally developed through selective breeding. You have an idea in mind of what you want to grow, but it takes many generations of choosing the best seeds and letting go of the undesirable ones.

Eventually, you attain that which you resolved yourself to. And then you see that there is more to do. A new direction to go or another length to walk in the same direction.

Don’t see your resolutions as ends. I’ve found that if I focus too much on the end goal, I either become frustrated and give up or I neglect to see that maybe what I thought I wanted wasn’t really in accordance with my will.

Instead of seeing them as ends, think of them as journeys to take. You pick a direction and you walk. Maybe you like to visualize it as a goal initially, but know that it’s not the goal specifically that is important. It’s how you get there. Along the way, you will find that the journey will take you in directions you had never seen.

O Great Newborn Sun and Divine Child. I gratefully bid you Hail and Welcome!

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