Pagan/Wiccan Prayer Basket

January 19th, 2008

People across the ages have prayed to the Gods using many tools. Some focus on a symbolic image such as a pentacle, a cross or a book. Others close their eyes and fold their hands. Some pray with beads or a rosary. And some people use prayer baskets.

There are many ways a prayer basket can be made. The most common way, which I have seen on Christian sites, are essentially mini-shrines with representations of things the owner wishes to pray for. The Pagan prayer basket, as I have been taught, is a bit different as you will see.

Making a Pagan or Wiccan prayer basket is simple. To make your own, you will need a basket, a lid or cover, a crystal, a cloth and a number of small pieces of paper. Cleanse all of the components of any negative energy they may have acquired before you put them to this use.

Wrap the crystal loosely in the cloth, so the shape of the crystal is not discernible. The crystal is the representation of the secret, mysterious power of the Gods. Place the cloth and crystal bundle gently in the basket. Then place the lid on top and the small pieces of paper on the table next to the basket for storage.

After you have assembled the prayer basket, dedicate it as an offering to your patron/matron Gods in a ritual. Once you offer the basket to your Gods it becomes Their holy property. It is a womb for the prayers you will offer to it, adding a significant amount of divine power to them. It also gives a good way to honor and devote to your Gods each time you place a prayer in it.

Feel free to adapt your prayer basket to fit you, your Gods and your situation. You can substitute another representation of your Gods or the Divine for the crystal. You can tie ribbons to the basket of various colors sacred to you and your Gods. You can paint the basket. You can use a prayer cloth to cover the basket instead of a hard lid. The basket can be very small or quite large. Make it as you feel is needed so it becomes a personal connection to the Divine.

When you are ready to offer a prayer to the basket, concentrate on what you are praying about or who you are praying for. If it is for another person, write their name on one of the small pieces of paper. Write something about the prayer as well if it is for a specific outcome, such as more money, healing or a better relationship with a loved one. You can also offer a general prayer for the Gods to give someone what they need, even if you don’t know what it is.

Hold the paper in your hands to charge it with the prayer and place it in the basket. The Gods will take it from there, offering Their assistance to those for whom you prayed. The prayer slips will stay in the basket as you add more prayers to the basket over time. As the number of prayers increases in the basket, so will the power of the basket and your connection to your Gods increase. After finishing the prayer, replace the lid to close the sacred womb of the Divine.

The prayer basket is an important part of my altar, constantly connecting me to my Gods and knowing that Their love and aid is being given for all whom I pray for. When I wish to pray for someone and I’m not sure if they want it, I simply ask if they want me to pray for them. They don’t necessarily need to know which Gods I am praying to on their behalf, or that it’s not the same God they worship. If they consent to being prayed for, I write their name down and add it to the basket, knowing that the Gods will aid them in a way that is appropriate.

Hopefully, you will find as much power, comfort and love from your prayer basket and it becomes a nexus to your divine connection.

10 Responses to “Pagan/Wiccan Prayer Basket”

  1. amy Says:

    Very cool idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Morninghawk Says:

    No problem. I’m glad you liked it.

  3. M. Ashley Says:

    The prayer basket is a great idea, thank you for the post. I wonder though if simply leaving the prayers in the basket, even after they have been fulfilled, might cause a pooling of stagnant energy. Would it not be better to go through the basket from time to time, reviewing the prayers, releasing those that have been answered while giving proper thanks to your deities, then renewing your intentions regarding those that have yet to come to pass?

  4. Morninghawk Says:

    If you were performing a spell for something, yes, I would recommend removing the spell components and returning them to the earth in whichever manner is appropriate.

    When one is offering prayers to the Gods, though, it is different than performing a spell. Prayers are different than spells in that they are requests to the Gods for help and they are also connections between you and the Gods. As a result, no pooling of stagnant energy occurs.

    As the prayers accumulate, they increase the strength of the divine connection. Additionally, prayers continue to manifest over time, even after the initial request happened.

    I also see the accumulation of prayers as a quick visual reminder of the Gods’ generosity and it makes me more thankful for what I have received and it increases my faith in the prayers not yet manifest. For these reasons, I always leave the prayers in the basket.

    One might wonder what to do in the event the basket gets full. I have not had that happen, as a single basket can hold literally hundreds of prayers. When it does happen, I plan to simply ask the Gods it is dedicated to what They would like done. I can see some Gods wanting the whole basket returned to Them and you create a new one. Others may suggest simply returning the paper to Them. Since different Gods might want different things done, it is best to ask the ones the basket is dedicated to.

  5. Colaxmi Says:

    Great idea! I’d never heard of a prayer basket before but of rituals similar to it. Excellent idea, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  6. Morninghawk Says:

    I’m glad you find it useful.

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  8. witchy Says:

    Personaly i would prefer a Prayer Casket 🙂

  9. Wulfcwen Says:

    This is a wonderfu idea and one that I will put to use. Thank you this is going to help me a lot

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