Poop Mural and the Gods Said “HONK!”

April 15th, 2008

Our children offer us the most interesting perspectives on spirituality. The Diva and the Warrior gave us such insights lately that my wife, Bella, and I had to stop and think.

Poop Mural

Our five-year-old Diva has complained at various times about monsters in her bedroom closet, which we believe. There is a negative energy that resides in her closet that has been very difficult to remove, even with various banishings. It is connected with a general malaise of negative energy that pervades the apartment complex we live in.

We cleaned her room one day and found a monster of a different type in her closet in a very real, visceral form. It took the guise of a poop mural on the wall, pictured above. She had apparently pooped in her pants one day and, prior to cleaning herself up, decided to smear it on the wall with her fingers. When confronted, she refused to tell us why she did it and didn’t want to admit doing it at all.

I can think of a couple of very interesting, magical reasons for the mural. One is that maybe she was depicting the monster that resides there, making it easier for her to face and confront. She knows that poop is “icky,” so I would see this as a way for her to show her revulsion of the beast.

Another possibility is that she may have done it as a way to set a ward against the beast. The wall she drew it on is the one closest to where the energy is strongest. Using the energy of her own body by using its products is very powerful as a ward. Maybe she instinctively thought that drawing such a gargoyle against it would make it leave.

We haven’t taught our kids much about specific magical techniques, especially of this nature, so if either of these are truly the reason she drew it, it is knowledge she gained from other planes or past lives.

Unfortunately for her, we did have to clean it off the wall and tell her not to draw on the walls again, especially with poop. Hopefully, we will together be able to banish this thing with methods less destructive to our security deposit.


On another note, our three-year-old Warrior told Bella about a dream he had.

“The Gods didn’t come,” he said.

“That’s too bad,” Bella responded. “Was it scary?”

“Yes. Then they came. They had big wings and they flew like birds.”

“That’s wonderful they came.”

“Then they flew to me and said, ‘HONK!'”

When I heard this story, we couldn’t help laughing. About a month ago, we went to a park and I showed him the geese flying overhead. He learned that they say “Honk!” that day. For a moment, I thought he simply mixed up the words “Gods” and “geese” in his three-year-old mind. But that’s too easy, and he has spoken profound words before at random times.

Later reflection on this story has told me this. He was visited by the Gods and greeted. Since his experience in this lifetime is so limited, They came in a form that he could relate to. The way he said it and the energy he had when he did showed that it was a Visitation.

We ask the Gods to protect him and bless him with good dreams each night. Apparently, he was scared that They weren’t coming when he felt a need for Them. They visited in response and let him know that They are present and that They are there to help him. I expect that over time, events like this will help him understand that the Gods are always there when he needs Them.

It also told us adults that the Gods always come in a form that we need, even if it’s not what we expect. And sometimes, we need to be awakened with “HONK!”

Have you learned any specific spiritual insights from children? Feel free to share with us.

4 Responses to “Poop Mural and the Gods Said “HONK!””

  1. phoenix Says:

    this was really interesting. i think your 2 reasons for the “Monster” is spot on, and maybe she also did it to “bring the monster to life” so you could see it with your own eyes, seeing that adults don’t see the same things as children do, we dont see faeries etc anymore, so maybe she did it so you could also see it, once you discovered it.

    maybe if the “painting” she did helped keep the monster away, why not let her draw or paint a picture of what she feels will scare the monster away on paper, and stick the picture against the wall, again she will use her own energies in the drawing of the picture.

  2. Morninghawk Says:

    That’s a great idea. She’s out visiting grandparents now, so we’ll have to talk to her about that when she comes back. I’ll post an update.


  3. Morninghawk Says:

    Update: We spoke to our Diva to help her decide how best to get rid of the monster. She agreed that drawing a picture of an angry face on a piece of paper will scare the monster away. She drew it and we put it up last night. This morning, she reported that there were no monsters in her room last night. Thanks for the good idea.

  4. phoenix Says:

    wow, thats amazing, and it’s only a pleasure 🙂

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