Writing Pagan and Wiccan Prayers

July 13th, 2008

Prayer is an important way to connect with the Gods and the spirits. Unfortunately, there is a lot of hesitation in Wiccan and Pagan practitioners to write and offer prayers. Sometimes it is because of an emotional association between prayer and their former religion. It is critical, though, to remember that some elements of spirituality and religion, such as prayer, are present in all religions.

I have previously written about using prayer as part of an act of daily devotion, for thanksgiving and to help yourself and others. This week, I would like to offer a method for writing your own powerful prayers that will help you grow and prosper.

There are a few Pagan and Wiccan prayer books published, including Be Blessed, Dewdrops in the Moonlight, A Book of Pagan Prayer and The Wiccan Prayer Book, that can help when you don’t have time available or your emotional state prevents you from writing your own prayer. The best prayers are ones written by you, as they contain everything you need and nothing extra. They are more heartfelt when they are your own words, which makes them more powerful.

Basic Ingredients of a Prayer

There are a few important ingredients to an effective prayer that connect your mind, heart and spirit to your prayer in a “package” that is sent to the Gods you specify. This connection is important, as you must have your whole being connected to your prayers. Tying these three ingredients together into a prayer makes it a complete package that is sent to the Gods and spirits and is returned to you when your prayer is answered.

  1. Intention. What do you want to happen as a result of your prayer? It can be anything from healing of yourself or others to a stronger connection with the Gods through love and devotion. This ingredient puts your mind into your prayer.
  2. Sincerity. It is important that your heart be intimately connected with your mind. Your intention must be backed with sincerity or else your intention is not really an intention, but a daydream. The Gods want to know that you truly want what you’re asking for, so They look for sincerity in your prayer. Sincerity connects your heart to your prayer.
  3. Faith. Intention and sincerity are a powerful combination, but they lack the power to transcend this plane without faith. Faith is the rocket booster that pushes the prayer beyond the limits of time and space into the realm of the Gods. Understand it might not be answered in the way you thought. Part of having faith is knowing that your prayer will be answered in the best manner possible as the Gods see fit. Faith ties your spirit to your prayer, making it a complete package that will be answered.

Common Prayer Outline

In addition to these essential ingredients, here is a common prayer framework you can use as a basic outline. This is not as essential as the three ingredients of Intention, Sincerity and Faith, but it can help give a framework to make it easier to write a prayer. Feel free to modify this basic outline to your needs.

  1. Address the prayer. Specify which deity, spirit or other entity you are addressing your prayer to. You do not need to address Him/Her by name, but you may address Them by their attributes, myths, or any name you know Them by. It is good to also mention what the entity has done or what They are like.
  2. State your intention. What is it you would like the entity to help you with?
  3. Say why you are asking for the intention. This is one way to show your sincerity.
  4. Close the prayer. This can be done in many ways, including a very simple, “So mote it be.”

Example Prayers

Here are a few brief examples of prayers that illustrate the above outline. Feel free to use these as a starting point to writing your own prayers.

  1. Dear Lord and Lady. You have made all there is, infusing it with Your divine spark so that all are connected and a part of You. Please help me see myself as an extension of You with strength and confidence so that I may feel empowered and without fear of failure. So mote it be.
  2. Almighty Mother Hera and Father Zeus, who are the Great Parents of us all. Please help me become more patient with those who are different from me. Help me to understand that though they may think and feel differently from me, they are also Your children. Remind me that they are part of my family through You so that I may feel love toward them, as You so love me. I pray for this so that I can help make the world around me more harmonious and loving. So mote it be.
  3. O Gods and spirits of friendship, who help friends find each other. Please help me be more friendly and open to other people. Help me to open my heart to others so that I may have more friends. Help me to show others who I am inside so they can see how we can be friends together, without fear that I may be misunderstood or hurt. I wish to have more friends and not be so lonely. So mote it be.
  4. Patron and Matron Gods, who have helped me with so many things. I am here offering thanks for all You have done. Please accept my love and thanksgiving. My devotion to You is undying and I am grateful for Your wise counsel and assistance. Blessed be.

When sending a prayer to the heavens, it is common to give an offering or sacrifice to the Gods or spirits. This is not required but it is something I suggest when the occasion is appropriate. A small offering of incense, milk, alcohol (such as vodka), water, or anything else that seems appropriate for the deity or spirit would show Them that you are willing to give something to get something. It also shows Them respect and gratitude for their hearing your prayer and helping you, which you know through your faith will happen.

Prayer is an important part of all religions, including Paganism and Wicca. Though there are some great books that contain pre-written prayers, it is best if you write your own whenever you can. The prayers will be custom to your needs and will contain an extra sense of sincerity and faith that is directly from you, making them more powerful.

The most important thing to remember when writing or ad-libbing a prayer is to speak from your heart and know that the Gods and spirits will hear you and help you in the way that is best for all.

13 Responses to “Writing Pagan and Wiccan Prayers”

  1. Dawn Says:

    I am a huge prayer advocate for getting closer to Deity. Thank you for the fabulous post. I am always searching for prayers and have been afraid to write my own. Thank you for posting a clear way to put my thoughts into prayer. Also thank you for the links to more pagan prayer books! I own A Book of Pagan Prayer and love it!

  2. Patrick McCleary Says:

    Thanks for this article. It was well written and concise. Something that I am going to save and refer back to.

  3. Morninghawk Says:

    Thank you Dawn and Patrick for the kind compliments. I’m glad you found the article useful.

  4. R.E. Says:

    Excellent post! You made the prayer approachable, which as you mentioned, is a touchy and/or baggage-laden idea for many Pagans recovering from traditional faith backgrounds.


  5. Morninghawk Says:

    Thanks. Over time, I hope that born-again Pagans (which nearly all of us are) can set down that baggage from the past and walk unhindered in their new faith.

  6. a.g. Says:

    Pray for my friend in trouble

    My friend (no name) is being stalked, haunted, and chased by a former lover.

    My friend needs your prayers. The guy wants my friend dead, but my friend is smart and crafty. He has avoided the former lover for a number of years, but his past is catching up. He is doing what he can to avoid any more trouble or violence, but he needs your help.

    Please pray for his swift and safe return to his community, his family, and his friends.

    Pagans especially, please pray for him, and may the Goddess bring him back soon.

    Thank you to all who will pray for my good friend.

  7. Morninghawk Says:

    May your friend find the resolution he needs to put these issues behind him.

  8. Crow Meadows Says:

    This is a prayer I wrote to be said before my meals.
    I would like to share it with everyone, feel free to use it to give thanks for yours.

    “We give thanks to God and Goddess for this bountifull harvest we are about to receive.
    We bless and give thanks also to the plants and animals who gave of their lives so we may add it to our own.
    For it is in giving thanks that we remember the sacredness of their gift.
    And it is by living a life, worthy of that life that has been given unto us, that we show our respect.
    Blessed Be.”

    Prayer by Crow Meadows

  9. Morninghawk Says:

    That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

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  11. Sol Ascendans - The Website of Alex Sumner Says:

    Planetary Invocations #7 – Jupiter…

    I call upon you, master fo the gods, high thundering Zeus, sovereign Zeus, ADONAI, lord IAO OYEE………

  12. Marney McKesson Says:

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  13. Teresa Says:

    I found that this information very helpful

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