Getting in Touch With Your Chakras

August 9th, 2008

There are many excellent ways of balancing your body’s seven chakras. It is something that should be done regularly, preferably daily. Your body will feel more energized. You will be less prone to illness and disease, since your energy will be flowing more easily. Your thinking will be more clear and focused. With balanced chakras, you will be able to understand better how your actions and your life fit into the larger scheme of the universe. Your emotions won’t be as tempestuous and they won’t have an iron grip on your thoughts and life.

Here is a simple, yet powerful, exercise I came up with to balancing your chakras. I’ve had good results with it, so may it help you too.

Getting in Touch

Many people have difficulty in finding their chakras and connecting with them. They may have a good connection they can find easily with one or two chakras, but the others are more elusive. This exercise will help you find all seven and become more familiar with each.

You should have an uninterrupted period of thirty minutes alone available for this exercise. You can do this in a group, but I recommend performing it alone. I also recommend performing this exercise skyclad, though this is not a requirement. You can do it in bed or in a bathtub if you prefer. If you wish to do it clothed, I recommend very light, loose clothing.

You can have some soft, slow instrumental music playing if you wish. Your eyes should be closed.

  1. Start with the crown chakra (Sahasrara in Sanskrit) at the top of your head. Touch the very top of your head. Understand that this chakra is technically above the top of your head, but for the purpose of this exercise, you can use the very top of your head. With your index and middle fingers together, rub a small circle at this point in a deosil (clockwise) direction. Use moderate pressure, where it does not tickle and does not cause pain. This point is your most direct connection to the divine and helps you hear and understand the Gods. While rubbing this chakra, imagine a white light. Notice how it appears and how you feel about it. Keep rubbing for a few minutes, paying close attention to what other sights, sounds and sensations occur.
  2. Move on to the third eye chakra (Ajna), located on your forehead between your eyebrows. Rub a small circle at this point with your index and middle fingers, just as you did with your Crown chakra. This chakra allows you to see what is really there. Your normal eyes don’t see everything. They only see what is physical. Your Third Eye allows you to see what is non-physical as well. With it, you see spirits, fairies, energy and all else that is really present around you. Initially, visualize the color purple when you rub this chakra. Be open to what sensations, sights and sounds you receive and pay attention to them.
  3. Next, continue with your throat chakra (Vishuddha), right at your Adam’s Apple. Lightly rub a deosil circle while visualizing a blue color. This is the chakra of your sense of expression and communication. If you have difficulty in saying what you mean in an assertive manner, you may have a blockage in or near this chakra. Pay attention to what you hear, feel and see, just like the others. If you feel the urge to make noises yourself, feel free to do so. You are alone, so don’t worry about others hearing. If you become overwhelmed, simply take a break and move on to the next chakra.
  4. The heart chakra (Anahata) is next. Rub a deosil circle in the middle of your chest, right between your nipples. Visualize green initially, but remain open to whatever sights appear. You may feel strange emotions, either positive or negative. Don’t fight these emotions, simply allow them to be. When you are ready, you can move on to the next chakra.
  5. After the heart, move to the solar plexus chakra (Manipura) and repeat. This area is your power center, where your inner strength comes from. Visualize the color yellow when working this area. If you have a tendency to feel powerless, circling this chakra as you have with the others can produce either a great sense of inner strength, or it can awaken strong fears of weakness. If you feel weakness and powerlessness when rubbing this chakra, it is being blocked. Exercises, such as this one and others, can help remove this blockage. Removing such blockages does not happen right away. Daily practice can remove them over time. Again, if the feeling becomes too much, feel free to move on.
  6. The next chakra is the sacral chakra (Swadhistana). To work this area, rub a circle in the area immediately above your genitals in the area between your lower stomach and the top of your genitals. Visualize an orange color initially. Since our culture is very sex-phobic, do not be surprised of this awakens feelings you have suppressed. Old fears that you have not completely resolved sometimes reside here. It is your creative center, which gives you the loving, creative energy to accomplish your goals. Your sacral energy drives the creation of all that you make, from your artistic works, your professional creations, what you create spiritually, along with what you may create biologically. Ideally, you should feel warm loving feelings that expand outward while working this area. It should feel deeper in your body than regular sexual play.
  7. The root chakra (Muladhara) is the last of the seven main chakras. Rub a deosil circle on your perineum, located between the bottom of your genitals and your anus, while visualizing a deep, blood-red color. This can invoke strong primal emotions, ranging from joy to fear to anger. It is where your foundational earth energy of existence comes from. It strongly affects your basic sense of security in your home, in your skin, in your neighborhood. It connects you to the earth as the crown connects you to the sky. If you feel squeamish about working this area, that can be resulting from blockage. Our society plants a lot of fears with this area because it is the most difficult to control. It is your connection to your animal nature and is the core of your survival instinct. If you are chronically anxious for no apparent reason, your root may be weak or blocked. As you work it, you should feel a strong surge of energy from the earth as your root opens more to it.

After getting in touch with all seven of your main chakras, you will feel a stronger sense of completeness and balance. Over time, this feeling will increase. You will also find that throughout your day, your thinking will be clearer and your emotions more appropriate to the situations. You’ll find yourself becoming less distracted by unhelpful emotions and petty issues that come up.

You may find that some chakras produce virtually no sensations or sights whatsoever. This is the result of blockages that have been there so long that you’ve lost your connection to that chakra. Rubbing it in this manner while visualizing the color associated with the chakra will help you to reconnect with it. This reconnection may be slow, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work for a while. Just keep practicing and have faith that it will happen.

5 Responses to “Getting in Touch With Your Chakras”

  1. phoenix Says:

    I think i will try this, as my chakras are all out of place. and this seems very easy to do. Thanks

    I found this chakra test you can do to see which ones are open, under-active and over-active.

  2. Morninghawk Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I hadn’t seen that site before. It’s a very good test.

  3. phoenix Says:

    it sure is interesting, and not very far from the truth. I do that test about once every 6 months, and see if there is any change after doing some chakra work.

  4. Henry Longworth Says:

    I have a number of Physical problems and have a massage therapist who works on me once a week. We work with me totally nude and uncovered. I have been with her for 7 years so I am comfortable with the situation. She works on my feet first. She does work around the genitals and that leaves me with a sense of security just as the first chakra indicates. There is frankly a lot of pleasure and emotion while she does her energy work. The key seems to be that first chakra and my opening up to her which took a while because I am a very skeptical person. The other thing is it takes time to understand what you are feeling. I look at her as my teacher and superior during the sessions and feel that is what makes the evergy work work for me.

  5. Morninghawk Says:

    Thanks for sharing your situation.

    I do need to caution you, though, that you need to beware of making your therapist your superior. That creates an unhealthy dynamic that can lead to a lot of problems on all levels. You should look into why she needs to be your superior (in your eyes) and why you feel inferior.

    The relationship should be more of one between equals, since all souls are equal in the Gods’ eyes.

    May the Gods’ help guide you in your journey.

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