Hymn to Persephone

September 29th, 2008

Proserpine by Dante Gabriel Rosetti, 1874

My better half wrote another hymn in the Orphic format, this time to Lady Persephone. She was kind enough to let me share it with you.

Hymn to Persephone

Hail Persephone, Lady of darkness
Silent you sit, silent you watch
Now and at the hour of our deaths
Lady of Shadows, you have the power
To see within, to rip away all illusion
To sacrifice you are no stranger
You know fear, horror, and also danger
You gave away that most dear to you
Your innocence and childhood naivety
Lady of mysteries, you access transformation
Emblazoned phoenix of darkness, fire within
Maiden of Treasures, Crone of wealth
To you Hades is ever generous
As long as you eat his fruit
Queen of the Leap of Faith
You challenge us to reach further, find a new path,
Cut the web, face the wrath
You are both towering mountain and minute pebble
Ever brooding, you seek new ways to penetrate the depths
Lady of Spirit, we ask for your blessing in
Passage through Darkness and Trials of the Soul

—Rev. Lady Bella Sundancer

6 Responses to “Hymn to Persephone”

  1. Sage Moonstone Says:

    Hauntingly Beautiful Hymn… I adore Persephone. Many Blessings ~ Sage

  2. Mrs. B. Says:

    How beautifully written!

  3. Morninghawk Says:

    Thanks. I’m glad you like it and I’ll tell Bella what you both said.

  4. Inanna Says:

    Hi Rev – I tagged you for a meme over at my blog…

  5. mahud Says:

    I’ve tagged you for the six random things meme!

  6. Green Witch Says:

    Really beautiful hymn ! Thanx for sharing it with us. Blessed be.

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