Dark Days of Change

November 9th, 2008

Though it has been five months since we moved from the Upper-Midwest to the California Republic, our adjusting is still going on. Now I know why they say it takes a year to adjusting to living in a new country. Just moving from one part of the US to another is taking many months, much longer than we anticipated.

Contrary to what we expected, much of our life has changed. New things to learn, such as Sigalerts, drivers who don’t know about turn signals (even more so than in the Midwest), the absence of Mountain Dew from restaurants, and the general tension and distrust that exists between groups of people in LA (frequently on racial lines).

The biggest change is the effect on our lives of the pregnancy of our fourth child, who is still on the way and due to arrive in late January 2009. Most of Bella’s energy goes to the baby. I work half from home and half from the office to help watch the other three kids.

This journey is teaching me a lot. I have learned to focus more on my family than before. As a Capricorn, I focus on achieving things, especially at work. So such a change has been significant for me. I immensely love my children, but am still learning to balance their needs with the needs of our family’s finances and the needs of my company.

This period of my life is one of a major transition. From the look of it, 2008 is turning into a year of transition for both our family and the world’s economic system. The internal changes have increased since Mabon, and the internal changes are the most difficult and create the most enduring results.

As a result, I have not had time or creative focus to post to this blog in a while. Unfortunately, I cannot promise that this will change soon. My hope is that I will be able to pick it up more late in the year or early next year, but such changes cannot be strictly scheduled.

I continue to read other’s blogs (and suggest you check out all of them in the list on the right).

Thank you to my readers for sticking with me and I will continue to post here as I can.

May the Gods bless you, protect you and shine their light of Gnosis upon you all.

7 Responses to “Dark Days of Change”

  1. Mama Kelly Says:

    May things get easier fo ryou and your family soon. May you all know health and many blessings in your new home.

  2. Sabrina Says:

    So many major changes in your lives, no wonder you have not had much time to post recently! Thank you for this update–I’ll be sure to keep you and your family in my thoughts during my daily devotions.

  3. Clio Ajana Says:

    Hello there! I miss you and I hope that things get better with Bella and the little one soon. I’ll keep you in daily prayers.

    May the blessings of Lady Hestia, Lady Demeter, Lord Zeus and Lady Hera be with you at this time.

    We had our first snow on Friday (2 days ago).

    Hugs &love to you all,

    Clio Ajana

  4. Morninghawk Says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind words.

  5. cloude Says:

    God bless you and your family during this trying time. You’ll be in my prayers.

    Also, congratulations on the new addition to your family! =)

    Brightest blessings!

  6. mahud Says:

    I’m adding a blogroll to my site at the moment. I totally missed this post. I enjoyed your posts about worshipping and approaching the gods, as well as Lady Bella Sundancer’s hymns.

    Whether you find the time or not to start blgging again, I’ll remember the things you taught (yes, you helped me to think about the divine in different ways).

    That said, you are still going on my blogroll as Hawk’s Cry contains some really helpful info for Pagan’s starting out on the path.

    Thank you for “Your words that have been a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”

    Good Health and Rich Blessings!

  7. Morninghawk Says:

    Thank you for your kind words. I am truly touched.

    I will return to regular blogging. I don’t have a definite timeline yet, but it will be soon. 🙂

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