Death of a Religion

February 8th, 2009

End of Time by PaleontourMany are claiming that the world as we know it is coming to an end. They are right. Things will be different when the dust settles.

About 600 years ago, scholars in Western Europe learned they could break down physical phenomena in the world and understand it through studying the component parts. Over time, this idea developed into a religion of its own called “Science.” The deepest origins of the religion of Science began about 10,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, but it really took a form of its own during the European Renaissance.

Scholars started by studying physical phenomena and developed the physical sciences. They learned about movement of the celestial bodies in coherent ways never before understood. They studies the processes that take place in many areas, such as geology, biology, chemistry, physics, etc. Even the separation of all that happens  into different subjects was a new development from the universities during the Renaissance.

In the 19th century, the understanding of physical sciences developed to the point that, academics started to think they could understand the social, psychological and other “soft sciences” the same way.

Science only acknowledges the lowest plane of existence, Malkuth. Malkuth is really the realm of effects, not causes. It is the world of the physical and the gross. When something happens on the physical plane, it is because of prior causes on the higher planes. The scientific world is the world of the physical sciences, so studying Malkuthian phenomena with the rules of the Scientific Method works.

This religion is dying, though. It’s height was at the turn of the 20th century, prior to central banks and social welfare programs. Most importantly, prior to the time when the belief that people could understand complex social systems the same way they learned to understand complex physical phenomena became widespread.

The current economic depression sweeping the world is a major turning point for this religion. The fatal flaw in the Scientific religion is that it’s main belief is that we can predict and control everything, if only given enough knowledge. As economist and philosopher Friedrich Hayek said in his Prize Lecture upon winning the Nobel Prize in Economics, there is a fundamental difference between complex social orders and physical sciences. He said that methodologies like the Scientific Method can be used to understand the physical sciences, but not the highly complex social orders, such as economics.

Over the last six centuries, the field of Science has been expanded into a full religion, though this has not been acknowledged in mainstream thought. Most people in America will admit to being Christians, but attend church only once each year or attend out of a matter of habit or duty, rather than faith. Their daily lives are ruled by the rules of Science. They don’t think about what God wants them to do, or some other traditionally religious motivation.

If someone says that they did something because a God or some other higher being told them to do it, they are institutionalized and “healed” of their “condition.” If someone says that they see spiritual beings or metaphysical phenomena, they are likewise “healed” of that ability. Even using metaphysics to aid in healing or wellness is seen as potentially dangerous. Such things are considered irrational and superstitious, extreme heresy in the Science religion. Science followers (which includes the vast majority in all industrialized countries) base their activities on what Science says is rational and correct and admonish themselves of irrational thought or behavior.

Here is a large-scale example. Most countries believe that the State, with its regulations, taxes and laws, is working diligently and correctly to develop a perfect Utopian order using scientific means. There is a lot of endless debate about specific rules, regulations and laws, but the overall idea that the State has the capacity and the obligation to provide for its people is not questioned. Anyone who questions the ability or morality for people to design a Utopian social order, which is the purpose of the field of applied economics, is written off as a crack-pot. The religion of Science says that such systems of economic welfare can be engineered and designed and they can work perfectly well if the correct scientific theories are discovered and applied.

Communism, Socialism and Capitalism all different systems based on this premise. We all know that Communism fell on December 26, 1991, as it was shown that the Soviet State could not create enough resources to provide for everyone with a central planning committee. What is not discussed in American schools is that Free Market Capitalism fell during the Great Depression of the early 1930s, as FDR’s New Deal policies changed the United States into a Socialism hybrid.

We are witnessing now the fall of Socialism. As the US becomes even more Socialist with the bail-outs and increased regulation, the European countries are dying under the weight of their social welfare obligations and onerous regulations. Over the next couple years, the US will experience the same collapse.

The reason why all human-designed economic systems are falling within a period of less than 100 years is that the whole premise is wrong. Science cannot be a viable religion. We cannot use Science to rule our lives and tell us what we should do. Science has no power in area of morality, ethics, or will.

Science is, and always will be, a tool that can be used to learn and work with the physical realm of Malkuth. That is all it can do. Once one is trying to learn about non-physical phenomena, such as complex social orders, the rules of Science no longer work. Ignoring everything that Science does not have answers to leads one to an incomplete life filled with unanswerable (and therefore, scary) holes in one’s personal world.

As the world moves on beyond the Scientific Era, we will see a rise in “irrational” thoughts taking hold in mainstream beliefs. Metaphysics, the living Universe, the Gods and other beliefs that Science denounces as “superstitious” will be rediscovered and worked more into the social fabrics of the various countries currently worshiping the false god “Science.”

We are starting to see the very beginnings of this in the Green Movement and the focus on Global Warming. New Age ideas are creeping into the popular culture at an increasing pace. This will develop much more into a world that will allow may religions and religious ideas to grow and develop.

Science as a field of study will not disappear, nor should it. It gave us air conditioning, central heating and computers, which I’d rather not live without. Instead, Science will take it’s proper place in the scheme of human thought. It will focus on physical processes and physical objects and leave the study and understanding of social orders, morality, teleology, etc. to other fields that are not hindered by the rational focus of Science.

5 Responses to “Death of a Religion”

  1. Robert Says:

    I agree with you except for one point. Capitalism did not fail. At least not the version that was set up by the constitional framers. The reason that our current form of capitalism is failing is because society has divorced capitalism from morality and religion. Where there are no morals then no system can suceed. We need to bring God back into our country and capitalism will be fine. Seperate the two and out country and capitalism are doomed to fail. The Silent Majority

  2. Rev Says:

    Do you really believe that morality is derived from religion? I would beg to differ. What exact does bringing god back into our country mean? How does one do that? How is it more seperate than when compared to successful times?

  3. LiviaIndica Says:

    I think you’re absolutely correct in all your statements. Very well said!!

  4. Solitary God Says:

    Bring “God” back into our country? Our prehistoric notion of what God “is” is exactly why there have been centuries of bloodshed…in the name of god.

    At some point we need morality, a common understanding and agreement of what is, and isn’t, acceptable… but how can we do that when our nation is now “multicultural”. There are too many beliefs systems, too many races and cultures fighting to have THEIR beliefs imposed on everyone else.

    We need leaders who are honorable, moral, and whom don’t care about votes… not going to happen.

    Our political system is failing. Our government one of tyranny, and a public that either doesn’t care, or who are afraid to lose what little they have…freedom, job, etc.

    We need an end to our government, politics and the monetary based system.

  5. Morninghawk Says:

    I think you’re mistaking the singular Abrahamic God of the Jews, Christians and Muslims as the only way to view the divine. I agree with you in that many centuries of bloodshed have (and are continuing) to be committed in the name of the Abrahamic God.

    Behind that scene, though, is an even deeper belief in the idea that there is One Right Way to live. One true God, one legitimate State, one real Science. They all are parts of the false idea that there is One Right Way.

    That idea is starting to crumble. It took 10,000 years for that idea to develop to this point, so it will not die quickly. As people start to realize that all “Right” ways fail, they will begin to open their minds to the possibility that there can be many right ways, and that what is right for one person or group isn’t necessarily so for another.

    So, in the end, I agree with much of what you said. The US government, which is focused on showing itself as the One Right Government and forcing itself on other peoples will end in bankruptcy, as all empires do.

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