Pagan Hymn to Hekate

October 24th, 2009

Hekate and Cerberus, Apulian red-figure krater 4th century B.C., Antikensammlungen, MunichBella wrote this hymn to Hekate in preparation for Samhain. May it give inspiration during the sacred holiday.

Hymn to Hekate

Hail Hekate, Dark Mother, keeper of hounds
You watch over the souls of all young things
Hear our prayer Lady listener of all
Who heard Kore’s scream of Terror falling into the arms of Hades
And alerted questing Demeter to her daughter’s passing
Mother of Mourmo, you transform Fear into physical reality
Shooting it into the whirling crossroads of Fate and Will
That we may no longer be overcome with Regret
Mistress of the Gnosis hound, you uncover that which would remain hidden
And rouse our souls in bacchant to examine the darkest deeds
Sending them to haunt us until we cast them away
Through the Courage of the all-seeing Dawn
Granddaughter of Phoebe and Koios,
Daughter of Asteria and Perses
Your Mother sheltered her sister Leto when under pregnant duress
She escaped Hera’s jealous wrath
To bring forth Artemis and Apollo
You cause our hearts to cry out “Mommy!”
Seeking shelter and rest in your comforting embrace
Midwife of new beings, watcher of herds,
You tag the sickness that we may heal ourselves
And replace the miasma with Strength and Harmony
Goddess of lost treasures returned,
We offer you the choice cuts first
To keep the Earth fertile, lest our foul deeds return to life
And pursue us for eternity
Guard our promises, Lady of the keys
Protect our gates and crossroads from surprise attacks, without and within
And send your dogs barking to scare away the intruders
Should we not fulfill our bargain in return,
May your hounds devour our souls

—Rev. Lady Bella Sundancer

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