Pagan Hymn to Medusa

October 9th, 2009

ancient-bust-medusaMedusa asked Bella to write a hymn to Her and wife obliged. Here is her hymn to the dark mother.

Hymn to Medusa

Hail Lady Medusa, full-fledged raging gorgon Queen,
Your serpent-locks strike dread
Your pain is gut-wrenching in its sadness
Born terrifyingly beautiful of monstrous parents,
From the oceanic depths of the murky earth
You alone of three sisters were mortal
Seduced by Poseidon, cursed by Athena,
Endlessly pursued by terror, rage, despair, and malevolence
With one look you take it all in and the worst fiends
Are frozen into stone
In death, with one mirrored stroke by Perseus beheaded,
You are forever disembodied
Your blood created a mighty spawn
Fit to quake the mightiest heroes’ hearts
Lady Queen, you purify the bloody oath
And taking everything, you take no words lightly
For your sacrifice we give you our solemn word
That you may devour that which is unclean
Oh pale lady of the backbiting sweetness of revenge,
We pray to you to take away our deepest fears

—Rev. Lady Bella Sundancer

2 Responses to “Pagan Hymn to Medusa”

  1. Stregalibby Says:

    Another beautiful Hymn! Thank you Lady Bella.

  2. Cosette Says:

    I love this. I’m going to share it with others.

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