Powerful Psychic Surgery Ritual to Cleanse Yourself of Negativity

January 10th, 2010

I previously wrote a ritual of cleansing with the dark goddess, where you can purge yourself of negative energy, evil spirits, and other spiritual malaise. Someone emailed me and told me that they had some negative side effects from the ritual.

They said that when they approached their altar after the ritual, they felt physically sick. Though effects like this don’t happen often, they are not uncommon. I thought I’d share my response with them, which includes a more intense ritual of physic surgery that can help with this problem. Note that this ritual is very intense and will require preparation. Don’t do this ritual if you are not ready to go through an intense spiritual purging, or if you’re not really ready on all levels.

In general, it is common for someone to feel sick after a healing. In the bodywork circles, such as massage, shiatsu, Reiki, etc. it’s frequently called a “healing crisis.” The cause is generally from getting rid of something that you’ve become very used to having. Your body is trying to readjust to the new condition of being without that burden that it was used to having. Think of it in similar terms as the withdrawal symptoms that drug addicts (including caffeine addicts) experience when their body is cleansed of the drug they have been used to having.

It sounds a little different in the particular situation that was described to me. Healing crises normally are a general feeling of illness, such as headaches or sick-to-your-stomach feelings that last for a few days or up to a week after a healing. From what the person told me, it only happens when they approach their altar. It seemed to me, by what my spirits told me about it, that their particular problem is that they didn’t completely let go of the negativity they were pushing out when they performed the dark goddess ritual. They pushed out most of it, but still held on to a small portion. That energy is in their body at the place where they felt sick.

If you’re experiencing something like this, or another type of healing crisis that either affects only a part of your body or only at specific times, then this ritual may be for you. If you are experiencing a general healing crisis, where your whole body (or most of it) feels tired, low-energy, or ill for a few days to a week, then it is better to simply care for yourself with relaxation time and meditation instead of doing this ritual.

A localized, specific healing crisis may happen for a couple reasons:

  1. Your body (including your spiritual body) was not completely ready to let go of all the negativity. To relate it to a physical ailment, this type of cause is common with cancer patients, where it can take multiple surgeries to remove it all. In this case, it has nothing to do with fear holding it back, but simply that one working is not enough. If this is the case, then a repeat of the dark goddess ritual may be more appropriate, instead of this ritual.
  2. You had not completely committed (either consciously or unconsciously) to ridding yourself of that negative energy you purged. You thought you wanted to push it away, but some part of you was afraid to do so. This is common in drug addicts (including caffeine and nicotine addicts), where they are consciously committed to kicking the habit, but some part of them fights very hard to get the drug. This isn’t a sign of a weakness of your will or resolve, but is instead a sign of fear to surrender and let go of that part.

If your issue caused by cause #2 above, this intense ritual of psychic surgery may help.

Psychic Surgery Ritual for Removing Specific Negativity

  1. Make sure that you read the above introduction fully and understand that there are risks to doing this ritual if you are not ready.
  2. Make sure that you’re ready to be clean of that unwanted part of you. Many people use their phobias, bad habits, hurtful thoughts, and other negativity as a crutch in life. If you’re not really ready to let it go, then it may not work. Meditation and prayer can help with this. When you are sure you are ready to let it go, then move on to the next step.
  3. During the night of a Full Moon (or within 3 days of a Full Moon):
    1. Have a length of biodegradable black cord available. The actual length and thickness don’t matter, but 12-24 inches would be sufficient. It should be made of natural fibers like cotton, silk, hemp, etc.
    2. Also have a pair of sharp scissors and a clean glass jar with a lid (such as a Mason or canning jar or a mayonnaise jar) available.
    3. Go to the altar and notice how your body feels. Don’t be afraid to feel sick. If you feel like throwing up when you approach it, bring a bucket and a wet towel with and allow yourself to let it happen if it does.
    4. Banish away all negativity from the space. Odds are that your body won’t be able to let go with just a simple banishing, but it will prevent other negativity in the room from complicating things.
    5. Raise a circle of protection and call quarters in your usual fashion, including any spirit guides or totem animals you wish to assist.
    6. Invite Medusa and the Healing Pentad into the circle. The Healing Pentad consists of: Asclepios (God of Healing), Podalerios (God of Surgery), Machaon (God of Physicians), Hygeiea (Goddess of Wellness), and Panacaea (Goddess of Medicines).
    7. Close your eyes, relax and feel the sensations. Allow any images that come from it to appear. Understand that the Healing Pentad will protect you and help you heal, while Medusa will take away the negativity/blockage.
    8. Actively allowing the sensations to be experienced will help you understand why it is happening. Maybe it’s an old traumatic experience, or some other cause. Whatever it is, allow yourself to fully experience and explore it, knowing that there is truly nothing to fear. If you feel the urge to scream or cry, let it happen. This process will bring out the cause of the negativity and loosen it from your physical and/or spiritual body. Then the divine physician, Machaeon, can guide it away.
    9. When you think you’ve experienced it fully, take the black cord and tie 3 knots in it. Place all 3 knots near the same end of rope. They should be separated by about 1 inch or more of rope.
    10. Take the first knot in both hands and focus the physical sensations you feel into it. Ask Medusa to help the negative energy go into the knots.
    11. Take the second knot in both hands and send the negative emotional feelings you experience into it.
    12. Hold the third knot in both hands and feel the negative spiritual energy, the blockage, flow from your body into it.
    13. When the cord is charged, place the end that doesn’t have any knots near your body, preferably touching near the place where the negative physical sensations are strongest. Hold the other end out away from your body toward the altar. If it’s easier, you can place the cord on the altar as well, but with the knots pointed away from you.
    14. Take the scissors in your hand.
    15. Ask Podalerios to cut away the negativity and its cause from your body, mind and spirit.
    16. Cut the cord such that all 3 knots are still connected with each other, but separated from the end of the cord closest to your body.
    17. You may feel a release, or some other sensation when the cord is cut. It may hurt a little, but don’t be afraid of it. Likewise, if you don’t feel anything physically, do not worry. The magic works on higher levels than your body so you may not feel anything initially.
    18. Ask Panacaea to help take away any pain and to give you the spiritual medicine that will help you recover.
    19. Ask Ascleipios to help you heal from this psychic surgery.
    20. Ask Hygeiea to help your body grow and develop from the experience and become it’s natural well-self. She will help you become stronger from the experience.
    21. Place the whole cord (both parts) into the glass jar and close it tightly. Keep it covered and in an out-of-the-way place, such as in a basement or the back of a closet where you won’t see it.
    22. Thank the Gods (and any spirits and/or totems you may have called) for their assistance and dismiss the circle.
  4. During a night of a Dark (New) Moon, or within 3 days of one:
    1. Still covered, take the cord in the jar for a drive, along with a shovel. Go to a remote location that you will not return to for many years, if ever. It should be away from people and on public land, so you are not trespassing.
    2. If you wish, you may put up a small circle, inviting Medusa to join you. For this part of the working, a circle is not required, though.
    3. Dig a hole in the ground about 1 ft. deep.
    4. Remove the cut cord with the knots from the jar.
    5. Gently place the cord in the bottom of the hole, saying a prayer to Medusa asking her to take it along with your unwanted negativity and decompose it and turn it into fertile earth that other living beings may use for good. Medusa has the power to take unwanted negative energy, break it down completely, and turn it into something more useful, just as worms and maggots do for a dead body.
    6. Thank Her for Her assistance and fill in the hole. There should be as little evidence as possible that you were ever there when you are done.
    7. When you leave, make sure you take with you everything you arrived with, except the buried cord.
    8. Do not look back when you leave and do not return to this place for many years, if ever. It needs to be at least the amount of time needed to completely decompose the cord.
  5. Upon returning to your alter after burying the cord, do a banishing of the altar and the room it’s in (and ideally your whole house) with sage. You can also use the first part of the room banishing spell I previously posted.

This spell will rid you of the root cause of your trouble that’s causing your feelings of sickness. It will take time for the effects to fully manifest, but know that it will happen and the Healing Pentad will help you recover and grow. It is best if you can take it easy for a few days after the ritual. This may include taking time for a slow, hot cup of your favorite tea, a long bath, meditation or anything else you do to relax. Avoid stressful situations as much as possible for a week.

If you have any questions about this ritual, or any others, feel free to email me via my contact form. Or, if you prefer, feel free to mail me via snail-mail at the address posted on that page.

In Love and Light.

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  1. Pia Says:

    Hi there.

    I’m going for surgery on November 8th. It’s a serious, scary procedure that will entail a good 8 hours… Plenty of bone fusing and pin placements.

    I found your article on a google search. I’m currently in the middle of moving, and all my goddess/god relation books are in boxes!

    I’m interested in knowing more on Podalerios… Can you help me?

  2. Denise Abbott Says:

    I am interested having psychic surgery done. I have chronic pain in my neck

  3. Morninghawk Says:

    To find a practitioner, I’d recommend looking for a good Reiki Master in your area. Most major cities have them, and many are trained in the technique. Since it’s not part of all Reiki schools and lineages, ask the practitioner if they offer psychic surgery before scheduling the appointment.

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