On Abundance (or the lack thereof)

May 9th, 2010

Jupiter, Lord of Eternal AbundanceThese times are tough for many people, and they are going to be a lot tougher for a while. We are in an economic storm that started in 2008 and is going to continue for at least the rest of the year. The “recovery” we saw was merely the eye of the hurricane.

But does this mean there’s nothing you can do for yourself or your family? Does it mean that you’re doomed to poverty? No, not at all. Even during the Great Depression, many families grew in abundance and some even became wealthy. How do you grow instead of decline? It’s a matter of understanding the nature of abundance.

I’m sure you’ve read about abundance before, as it is a popular topic among Pagans/Wiccan literature and elsewhere. But hopefully here I might provide a slightly different perspective that may help supplement what others have written.

Money, wealth, love, and all things are ruled by the Law of Gravity, as it affects energy in addition to matter. The law may manifest differently depending on the nature of the matter or energy but it does affect everything. Ever notice that people who already have millions of dollars are the ones who receive even more millions? The same as how people who have nothing generally don’t receive anything substantial either. Government policies and forced redistribution of wealth through taxes and welfare cannot change this fundamental law of the universe.

Many have said that the difference is your attitude. You need to think about positive things to attract positive things. If you think about negative things, then you will attract that. There is a lot of truth to it. But I don’t agree with how I’ve seen many approach this.

I see a lot of Wiccans who go through life trying very hard to focus exclusively on positive things, and deny as much as they can the negative things. This is an unbalanced way to live and tends to not achieve the positive abundance that’s sought, but instead the denial brings misery. It is a passive-aggressive way of viewing the universe.

Instead, my suggestion is to put aside your expectations. Life shouldn’t be “like” anything. Many, including myself, become despondent when life brings something that “shouldn’t have happened.” Life is. Just take it how it comes and don’t worry about how it “should” be. Instead, view the events that happen to you in terms of your will. The events happen and you need to decide how to react to them.

Think of it this way. If you lose your job (as I personally experienced during the Dot.Bomb crash), you can go home and mope about how your former employer “owes” you something, like a job or salary. Or how the government “owes” you for higher unemployment benefits than the small amount they give for a while. Or how the government “owes” you for a livelihood. This thinking comes from how you’re not “supposed” to be jobless. You say this shouldn’t have happened and someone (other than you) caused your plans to be thwarted.

Well maybe someone other than you messed up. But how is that thinking going to help your situation? Instead, think (and pray) about it in terms of your will. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise. You need to look at your will and decide from that what you are going to do next. Don’t worry about the past, about what happened. Just look at where you are at right now, what is your will, and what can you do today to further yourself along your path. If you don’t know what your will is, then I highly suggest checking out my series on the Witches Square, which will help you discover your will.

How does this relate to abundance and gravity? Here’s how. Take what happens to you or around you and find something, no matter how small, to be thankful for or that is positive. This is where I deviate from the people I see who only see the positive and deny the negative.

Don’t deny that it sucks to lose your job (or whatever negative happened to you). Likewise, don’t deny that you’re pissed off about it. Anger and sadness are a natural part of a balanced life. Scream out your anger to Medusa. Then see where you are at and what you are going to do. What good came out of it? Did it free you from an unhappy situation (even though it wasn’t the way you wanted to be freed)? The way to see the positive and attract the positive (thus raising the gravitational pull of positive things to yourself) is to find the blessing in everything.

If someone else gets the promotion you wanted, don’t resent them. Be truly happy for them. Get pissed off about it at home, figure out what the blessing in it could be for you (this may take some meditation and prayer) and then be honestly and sincerely happy for the other person. Understand that this doesn’t all have to happen in a day. It takes time to go through the process.

Here is a small prayer I wrote that can help with growing the abundance of money, love, and anything in your life:

Lord Apollo, Lord of Light,
grant me the eyes to see that my life is blessed,
even though I am blind to it sometimes.
Show me the blessings in everything.

Lady Venus, Lady of Love,
help my heart open to your eternal love,
and the positive attractive powers of your love,
as love draws all things together.
Show me the way to open my heart more to give away what I wish to receive.

Lord Jupiter, King of Abundance,
guide me to use the light of Apollo and the love of Venus
to attract the abundance of the universe
as you attract and grow, and give eternally.
Show me the way to use my many blessings to achieve my will.

So mote it be.

3 Responses to “On Abundance (or the lack thereof)”

  1. Kat Says:

    That was a wonderful read, thank you for sharing. I couldn’t agree more that “balance” is the key. It’s normal to get angry, we just have to learn to let it go in a healthy way.
    We recently lost our home of 13 years to foreclosure. My husband, I, and our two daughters were devastated by the loss. Towards the end of our ordeal I realized that I had to stop crying and move on. I performed a self written candle spell focusing on a positive outlook and asking for the perfect home for us to be brought to my attention. I had been looking for something for months to no avail. Within days a wonderful single family home was put on the internet for rent in a beautiful neighborhood with a brook and a waterfall in the woods in the back of the home! Shocking I know. This house was nicer then the one I was leaving behind. I was the 1st person to call on the house (as I happened to log on and see it minutes after she had listed it) and she rented it to us on the spot! It was a little out of our price range so the landlord agreed to take 50.00 off the rent. I know it isn’t much but it helped.
    My point is I let go of the anger and instead focused on finding the perfect house for us and it worked.
    Sorry for the long story, I just wanted to share..:)
    Brightest Blessings to you!

  2. Morninghawk Says:

    I’m glad your candle spell worked in helping you to emotionally move on and focus on what you needed to. It sounds like you found a beautiful place to move into.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Angelwitch Says:

    I also found this to be a very inspiring blog post. I’m going through something similar which I refuse to give up on – but I think more to the point – there is something inside of me that’s pushing to make sure that I don’t give up.

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