Kronos, Gatekeeper to Eternity

July 6th, 2010

Saturn Devouring His Son by Francisco GoyaAs you probably know, Ouranos and Gaia begat Kronos (Romanized as Saturn) who castrated his father. Kronos and Rhea begat Zeus, who overthrew his father in the epic war of the Titanomachy. But there is much more to the story I would like to shed light on.

Many have interpreted the stories of Ouranos-Kronos-Zeus as an illustration of patriarchal rulership, where the ruler desires power and seeks to keep hold of that power at all costs, similar to the Biblical story of Herod the Great. They see Ouranos and Kronos as the “evil” father who rules as a tyrant and desires to keep his subjects, even his own children, within his tight grip. It is only the benevolent Zeus and His “enlightened” siblings who overthrow the “tyranny” and bring light and order to the world.

I propose this is not the case.

To begin, let’s look at the meanings behind the deities. Ouranos is the celestial, timeless sky who descends each night to mate with his wife, Gaia. To relate them to the Qabalistic Tree of Life, I propose they correspond to Chokma (Ouranos) and Binah (Gaia). They are two parts of the timeless Supernal Triad. But to bring about manifestation to more concrete planes, there needs to be a way to break from timelessness and create a more concrete form. Thus, Gaia and Ouranos gave birth to Kronos.

I think Saturn/Kronos is frequently misplaced at Binah on the Tree of Life. This has never made sense to me because that would be the only planet originally placed in the Supernal Triad, thus breaking the natural symmetry and rhythm of the Tree. As a result, I realized that Kronos properly exists in Daat, the Abyss. It is through time that all lower aspects of existence can be manifest because of the framework provided by time.

Kronos castrated his father, Ouranos, not out of the petty desire for power but instead it was the power of time that made further emanations mortal and changing. In effect, the creation of time castrated Ouranos’ ability to emanate timeless offspring. Now all things have a time-based reference and therefore, are mortal and finite. This is what separates the Supernal Triad from the lower Sephiroth.

The story says that Kronos wanted to prevent his children from overthrowing him, as he had with his father. As a result, he devoured his offspring until Zeus tricked him. This makes sense because time devours (ends) everything as now everything changes and is finite.

The story of the Titanomachy can be taken a couple of ways. One is that Zeus, with the help of his mother and grandmother, discovered the secret to beating time, thus becoming able to create immortal, unchanging and supernal creations. But he did not kill time. Instead he only banished Kronos to Tartaros, the Abyss. This does not diminish the power of time, but makes it a force hidden from the understanding of lower emanations on the Tree.

When Zeus, a deity of light and order, led the Olympian Gods to the victory of the Titanomachy, it broke the universe through the barrier of timelessness and enabled more concrete forms lower on the Tree to manifest.

But it was not a total victory. Kronos was not killed or made impotent. He was simply hidden away in the darkness of Tartaros, where many of the dark and powerful Titans exist. Kronos still rules all below Him, as time ends all things just as it begins all things.

The second way to look at the Olympian victory is that Zeus did not beat time, but only learned to use it for His will which is to bring forth further manifestations on lower, and more concrete, levels. Zeus brought a further separation between the Light and the Dark when he pushed Kronos into Tartaros.

Many more people worship Zeus instead of Kronos because they are drawn to His light and sense of concrete order. They shun the things that live in the dark out of fear of it.

This is why most people cannot progress beyond Chesed and truly cross the Great Abyss. They cannot get past the fear of the ticking clock, the vast darkness with its many pitfalls into hubris and insanity. Most focus their energies only on the light and wonder why the dark, destructive forces of time always intrude in their workings and in their lives.

A few learn to embrace the dark and balance it with light. They seek its wisdom and understanding. This allows them to truly understand time and use Kronos to guide them across toward the eternal powers of the Supernal Triad on the other side. Kronos is not a petty tyrant who wishes for everyone to stay within His grasp at all costs. He is a guide for those who wish to grok time and use it to further their will, for both creation and the necessary destruction.

These select people who commit to studying the dark mysteries also understand that order is not timeless. Light is not timeless. All things are born of the dark and they will die in the dark. It is through embracing the darkness of Kronos/Daat that they can evolve into a higher eternal being themselves.

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