Winds of Change Blow

November 22nd, 2010

Black HoleIt has been quite a while since I last posted, and I apologize for that. The winds of change are blowing on many levels and during the turbulence, I’ve lost my income like many others. During times like this, the Gods push us to take another, harder look at our will to make sure we truly know and understand it.

Will is not something that you just know or don’t know. Many magickal circles talk about it as if it’s something like knowing an historical fact where you either know it or you don’t, and once you find it you’re done. But in reality it is more like knowing what’s in the deepest core of an onion.

The first step in this most important journey is to know that there is an onion to find, and then to find it. This is what I discuss in “Discover Your Will” but you need to know that this is just the first step. The process of discovering and re-discovering your will must be repeated so that you can peel back the layers to get to the core of your will and your Great Work. The more you understand it, the more you can focus your efforts on fulfilling it.

The Gods test us and we suffer so that we can continue in this process. When we are comfortable, we get stuck in our old thinking. We figure that it is sufficient because life is going well. But it is not the end goal, so we must suffer in order to force us to dig deeper within ourselves and work on deeper levels with magick and our Gods.

Superficial people resist this with all their might, but they are weak due to their shallow roots. If they don’t decide to change, they will be blown away as a weed from the Garden of Life and Death by the winds of change.

Over the last couple years, I’ve learned about the power of the dark, chaotic forces. As I initially grew up magickally, I focused on only the light-side but over the last couple years, I’ve learned that there is a balance that is necessary between the light and the dark.

The light is the force of order and stability, and it is a force that has grown steadily over the last couple hundred years in the western world. Most think this is a good thing because they want safety and security from anything bad happening to them. But the result of an overabundance of light is oppression and stagnation. The state is a prime example of a force of light. It wants order, and demands it. Everyone must fit in their place, as determined by government forces through the compulsory school systems, and must stay there.

People are taught that the state is their God, their ultimate caretaker. They believe the state will prevent them from suffering from joblessness with Unemployment Insurance. They will not suffer from poverty through the various welfare and social “safety nets.” They will not suffer harm from others because the state will protect them with its police and military forces.

But the winds of change are blowing. People are starting to get a hint that the government cannot replace the Gods. They don’t really understand it yet, but the seed is planted in their mind. Governments at all levels are approaching bankruptcy. Who will pay the welfare, unemployment insurance, government insurance checks and police protection when the government bank accounts are filled with nothing but debt and the checks bounce?

When this happens, people will suddenly learn that the state they were worshiping was a false god.

The winds of change are blowing. The new Tea Party movement is a sign of this, along with Ron Paul’s attacks against the Federal Reserve, which have gone much farther than even he thought possible. But it’s not the end. National movements are not going to be effective in releasing the individual to do their will. One must focus on their local environment. The most important election is your local city council, since it’s there that the laws that affect your day-to-day life are mostly written, such as local zoning and parking ordinances, etc.

But think even more local than that. Look at your home. Your family. Yourself. Take this time of turbulence to do magick and get closer to your true Gods. Peel back the layers of your will. When you know the innermost core of your will, your personal path will be clear. When this happens, such issues like joblessness, loneliness, powerlessness will fade away in the power you control from your core.

Darkness is the source of this hyper-personal power. It is the chaotic forces that allow you to rise up against the personal oppression that controls you through your thinking, your worries, anxieties and fear. You were taught to fear the dark, as it is the source of power that cannot be controlled by others. But when you rise up above your fear and embrace the Dark Mother, you will find she will fill you with a light brighter than anything the light forces can shine.

When this happens, external forces such as soulless governments, corporations, and self-righteous people will lose their power over you. And as this happens to more and more people, the oppressors will crumble in the darkness of the chaos of individuals’ wills.

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