FDA about to ban most natural supplements, vitamins, and superfoods in US

July 16th, 2011

Vitamins and natural supplementsIt seems the FDA recently had an exciting 4th of July weekend. On the Friday before that long weekend, it proposed in a 47-page document that all nutritional and supplemental ingredients be required to file with the FDA to prove their safety. And the kicker is that it is retroactive back to 1994! What this means is that all nutritional supplements (including multivitamins, superfoods, and other common supplements like resveratrol, curcumin, hyaluronic acid, acai berry, and millions of others) will be banned.

This is nothing more than a direct frontal attack by Big Pharma to kill the natural supplement industry. They are scared of the competition (as most big companies are) and are using their age-old tactic of using government bureaucracy to prevent you from using the supplements you want.

There is nothing to indicate that there is any real epidemic of supplement-related deaths or injuries, and definitely nothing to ban all of them that were made in the last 17 years.

Some think that it’s not a big deal; that the supplement companies can just file their paperwork and be good with the FDA. But it is not that easy. The costs of getting all the tests done that the FDA requires costs millions and millions of dollars. Most natural supplement companies are small and simply cannot afford that kind of expense. And they will go out of business while the tests and filings are done because it takes months, and commonly years, to complete. It is how the big companies kill their competition because the big pharma companies have billions of dollars to spend, so to drop $10-20 million on tests is a small cost of business. But that expense is death for a company that makes only $1 million a year.

This new rule is designed to destroy your ability to choose on your own the supplements you want to use, if any. That is why they passed it on July 1, the afternoon of a Friday before a long holiday weekend.

I highly suggest stocking up on as many of the supplements you use, to prepare for the day they disappear off the shelves like the very effective Ephedra did in 2004. You can write to your federal representatives as well and tell them to direct the FDA to drop this rule, but Congress moves at glacial pace compared to the bureaucracies like the FDA who are not run by elected officials who are accountable to voters.

Stocking up now before the runs on the stores occur is something you can, and should, do quickly. Buy as much as you can comfortably afford.

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