Twists and Turns, Downs and Ups

July 11th, 2011

It has been quite a long and unexpected hiatus since I last published an article, but I have not forgotten you, dear reader. For my family, it has been a time of darkness and light, but most of all a time of growth.

As some of you may have noticed, we moved away from the Los Angeles area back to Minnesota. Though we loved the weather (probably the most pleasant weather anywhere on Earth), it was not the place for us. The culture didn’t really fit us and the economy sealed the deal. This last winter was our time of darkness.

During the darkness, I was able to shed some of my responsibilities. Ones that I should have let go of earlier, as they were not in accordance with my will but were accepted by a sense of obligation. It is one thing to help someone out but you must keep in mind your will when doing so. I was also able to do much inner work with my spirituality by exploring the dark worlds.

The time of light started in May, when our fifth child was born. He is quite different from the others and we still have not quite figured him out yet. So for now I call him the Engima and he joins his siblings, the Diva, the Warrior, the Diplomat and the Rose. I expect to be able to come up with another moniker for him soon, as I learn more about his soul.

When you perform magick to change your life and increase your wealth, don’t be surprised when it all goes to shit for a while. The old edifice of your situation must be broken down and torn apart to make room for the new. The gods of light also are the gods that burn things away. And the brightest god truly does burn it away so that you may make a new edifice from the ashes.

This time, I am more experienced and have a better understanding of my will to make my new edifice in accordance with my will.

So things are quite bright now. Our clan of 7 people is complete, allowing me to end my role as the Inseminator devote myself to being the Father. I found a new job that pays better than any other in the past, making it so I don’t have to worry about money. And I have a better clarity of myself, such that I may resume various aspects of my Great Work, which includes discussing magick, spirituality and religion for you, dear reader.

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  1. Ruthann Stice Says:

    I have done money spells and they do blow up in your face after a while!LOL

    now i just say to myself at night, are the kids feed yes do they have shelter yes do they have clean clothes yes do they have a bed yes do they have love yes well then it is a good day.

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