Lammas Re-awakening

August 2nd, 2012

LammasFor the last few years, I’ve been taking a sabbatical from public workings and focusing on my personal spiritual foundation. Now that I’m back in Minnesota, the Gods have told me this summer that it is now time to awaken and serve fellow Pagans again. As a result, I began serving as a volunteer Wiccan chaplain at the MN state correctional facility in Moose Lake, MN. My first service there was yesterday, for their Lammas sabbat. It felt good to be back in those shoes, carrying the torch of Light into the Darkness of prison. I’m excited to help the men there develop and grow the lights in their hearts.

In the past, I always had a hard time really understanding the meaning of Lammas. The books all say that it’s the first harvest of the crops, etc. but it seemed very redundant to me with Mabon, but without the solar influence. This Lammas, it became a lot more clear to me, thanks to the words of Lugh’s wisdom.

What I learned is that Lammas is a time of Judgement. Not the judgement people normally think of, where sinful Christians are sent down to hell. Instead it is a time to take stock of your situation. The crops were sown in the spring and grew all summer, but they are not quite ready to harvest yet. You can look at them and get a good idea about how well they are doing, though. Do your ears have corn in them, or are they barren? How are your potatoes doing? Are they getting large, or rotting with blight? Some things might be harvest-able now but the main harvest is yet to come.

By judging your situation now, you can plan for the coming winter. Is it going to be a bountiful harvest and you will eat well? Or is it going to be a winter of hardship and trial?

This is how Lugh described it to me, and how it differs from Mabon. Mabon is the actual harvest, and a time to give thanks for what you have gathered. Lammas is a time of discerning and predicting and making any necessary changes in preparation for winter, as they may be needed.

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  1. Britt Says:


    Thanks so much for this. This clarified a similar awakening for me. I got quite sick on Lammas and spent all day in bed, fitfully dreaming. The day before, I had felt compelled to write a letter to an ex (not a love letter, more of an angst letter). Last night, I did a Tarot reading. I kept coming up with Judgement and Justice cards. This blog entry has been the final puzzle piece for me. If I let my feelings for my ex go now, I know I can reap a better harvest in my life. I was at a crossroads, and now I’m going to do a breaking and forgetting spell and work much harder to move on. Thanks again for your insight!

  2. Carol McKenzie Says:

    This post could not have come at a more opportune moment. I’m in the midst of a major life-change, and literally standing in judgment of not only my life (in the terms you have so eloquently described) but also my possessions, skills and very being.

    This very morning I wondered if you were still posting, as I miss your posts. Coincidentally (or not so coincidentally) I’ve seen many, many red-tailed hawks over the past week. I live in Wisconsin, so they’re common, but they’ve literally been lining the side of the road I drive home on.

    And this morning there was a very strong thought in my mind, asking for a post from you. And here it is! And it’s so very relevant to where I am in my life.

  3. Morninghawk Says:

    Britt: I’m glad it helped clarify things for you. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Carol: Thanks for your kind words. I’m not at a point yet where I can commit to a specific posting schedule, but I definitely will be posting more than a few times per year. 🙂

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